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We use the following materials:


It is a prestige stone and its durability, permanence and wide variety of colours makes it ideal for a variety of purposes. One of the most familiar uses globally of granite is on kitchen countertops. In addition to solid slab countertops, granite can be cut into tiles and these can be used to create colourful and durable work stations. Bhm Granite & Marble manufactures and processes a variety of granite products including the exclusive The African Range.


Marble is a naturally occurring material and is the perfect option to bring nature into your home. It is durable and easy to clean, but its most important qualities are colour and appearance. Marble is mostly resistant to abrasion which makes it perfect for flooring and staircases.

Quartz Surfaces

BHM Granite & Marble processes and distribute the Caesarstone ® Range, Cimstone and Technistone.

Import Range

The Import Range consists of a variety of materials sourced from all over the world, this makes it possible to find the perfect material and colour to suit every need.


Due to its coarser and abrasive surface, sandstone is ideal for areas requiring slip resistance e.g. patios and paths. Sandstone is available in a variety of colours such as red, buff, grey, beige and even pink. This along with the great variety of textures and degree of sedimentation makes sandstone highly decorative. It is widely used in construction e.g. cladding of walls and floors. It is also a beautiful material for carving and can create a natural ambience in and around the house. BHM Granite and Marble manufacture rivens, tumbled cobbles and tumbled desert rock. Click here to view examples of cladding.


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